Frequently Asked Questions

What do the letters P.E.O. stand for?

P.E.O. stands for Philanthropic Educational Organization.

The original meaning of the letters, as established by the P.E.O. Founders, is reserved for members only.

Where do I find out more about becoming a P.E.O.?

The best way to find out about P.E.O. and how to become a member is talking to P.E.O. members. Ask around in your community to see if anyone you know is a member of P.E.O. or if she knows someone who is.

P.E.O. members are proud of their organization and are committed to helping women pursue higher education. Talking to a P.E.O. in your community will give you an opportunity to find out more about their chapter and what P.E.O. means to them.

If you do not know a member of P.E.O., please contact us.

Who is considered an active member?

To be considered an active member, dues must be paid to the member's local chapter by the end of February. If you do not have a contact person for the chapter, please contact us.

Even if a P.E.O. member is no longer able to participate, P.E.O. members still support the ongoing work through educational projects by paying annual dues.

By maintaining active membership, if desired, a copy of the bimonthly P.E.O. Record will be received to help a member stay connected.

How do I apply for a scholarship, grant or loan?

With the exception of the IPS program, all P.E.O. scholarships, grants and loans require the applicant be sponsored by a local chapter of the P.E.O. Sisterhood. Click here for more information about the P.E.O. Projects.

What is the P.E.O. emblem?

At her initiation, the P.E.O. star is lent to each member as long as she is an active member of a chapter. A member may have filled out The P.E.O. Wish indicating whether she wishes the emblem to be buried with her. Her chapter president should have a copy of her wish. If it is not buried with the member, the emblem should be returned to her chapter or the P.E.O. Executive Office. If you do not have a chapter contact, please send the emblem to the P.E.O. Executive Office.

Where should I send an emblem?

To return an emblem, send it to:

P.E.O. Executive Office
Attn: Emblem
3700 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA  50312

The member's chapter will be notified of the return.

For additional questions about the official P.E.O. emblem, call 515-255-3153 or

Can the P.E.O. emblem be used on a headstone?

The official P.E.O. emblem may be engraved on a member's headstone. In addition, in the Items for Sale by Chapters (also published in the back of every P.E.O. Record), a replica of the emblem to affix to a tombstone and a star marker may be purchased. If you need contact information, please contact:

How do I donate to P.E.O.?

To make a donation to P.E.O., click here to use our online donations (Giving Opportunities) page.